Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recent food..

Curry udon from Daiso, new taste for me..not bad

Tomyum fried meehoon + fish from The Bird Menjalara. Meehoon a bit bland, sambal nice.

Locomoco with chicken- lovely grilled vege but horrible thick mayonnaise..from Shakespeare cafe SS15 subang

Strawberry shortcake from Shakespeare cafe , not bad..

Mushroom scallop pasta from pasta zanmai Empire subang, yummy!

Famous tangkak beef noodle, soup nice but not perfect..

Bento set - Saba shio + sashimi, sushi + karaage, Inaho sushi the curve, cheap and good bento!

Texas chicken empire damansara, new franchise in kl, chicken fresh n tasty, free refill soft drink 

Post Wedding

So looooong never blog...tooo busy...again..of course la...prepared for my once in a life time event!

I was glad that it went well..Thanks to the help from all my family members and my best friends..

I wish to blog about my feelings..Actually me & my husband were apart since we started dating (Due to work), he was based in Singapore for almost 5 years while me in KL. We actually meet like once/twice a month in the weekends.. mostly him travelling i would consider we actually meet less than 100 days a year perhaps? There are ups and downs throughout the journey..and once or twice i'd even consider to end up the relationship..But..we managed to overcome it...not easy i would understanding & trust helped us to get through..Thank you my dear..

As we were apart most of the preparation was very difficult..we actually did the engagement ring back in May in Singapore(Vivo Diamonds). Then he propose in June, and i guess we confirm the venue (Oriental Pavilllion) in same month. July..As i don't really like the local prewedding shoot, so we sign a package with a studio in Shanghai . It was a 'korean style' photoshoot which i like a lot! Was it August? We decided a few dates for our ROM..actually i've no specific dates which i like...and i don't like crowd (eg.121212,20122012) , so we went to putrajaya on a sunday for form submission..the date 9.12.12 was available! It was the 1999days of our dating period =) supposely wanted 2000days..but that was a Monday..I chose Sunday so all my families and friends could attend this auspicious event =D

After that we went for dress hunting..for both ROM and actual day..then i came to realise this TAOBAO.COM is so SUPER!! It sells almost anything!! For actual day wedding gown, i first went to Vows aWhite in Kota damansara..they have beautiful designs..but almost all their gown is M size and above...=(  next..i've found Absolute Bride i made an appointment with Tammy and went there with was located in Soho subang..a small studio unit..Tammy is very friendly & pretty as well..Once my eye caught on the Lace series..i was totally in love !! It was actually a champagne colored gown, the promo rental price was rm550.. satisfied! rings!! We went for ring hunting in MidValley..D&P design was so so..Inexpensive option..then Love &Co.. their designs was really nice..spent almost an hour and half there..sales person was very nice..finally settle with a couple it! The bill was a bit over the budget but was satisfied!

September we went for a short trip to bkk with my MIL n was very nice! October we went to Seoul n met my lovely cousin sister Shereen..then we attended Rachel's wedding dinner in November 101112 :) As I've complaint about his 'cincai' he prepared another one for me..this time was really a surprise! Thank you again!!

Came to the month of December.. Our solemnisation..I use Dress up room for my makeup..Jess Wong was good..Hairstyle was done by her sister Vivi...others said i look too 'fair' from the first time having an 'oriental' look..wore a qipao for ROM..Hand bouquet ordered from ,own collect at Empire Gallery..very disappointed with their flowers..some eustoma already wither on the day itself..MAD! I've sent them email to file a complaint in Dec but they replied on Feb! Champion! Flowers aside..
It was an enjoyable day with all the families and friends as witness. I've never actually felt nervous on that day..It was a great experience..because in 5 minutes..there it goes..we became man & wife.. !

2013 January..It's time for my pre wedding photoshoot!! So excited cause its my first time to China..and i brought sooo many props there..we flew to Hangzhou and then took a maglev to Shanghai the next day..the studio was located very far from the city..we almost got lost searching the place! It was winter...we did not chose outdoor..indoor studio was Huge! I love my assistant very much..she took care of me very well..our team consist of photographer, two assistant, makeup artist and videoman. Although it was tiring to wake up early and photoshoot the whole day..nevertheless it was an unforgettable and fun experience! Shanghai was more like Sg & HK to me..still it was great..The last day in Hangzhou was terrible..because i had a very bad cramp and was bed ridden for the whole day..>< Thanks for hubby who took care of me..T_T

February and march was like a honeymoon for us..because we were not really doing any wedding homework..and were busy doing house reno homework...turn out to be a big mistake!! I was so busy but i don't know what i'm busy with!! Reno + wedding is killing me upside down!! We even fought a few time for some issues..stress level uP~~ Then i still have to prepare for my trip to Japan in April!! crazy!!

Finally getting into April..flew to was quite an unprepared everything is messy..transit is crazy..anyway i enjoyed the spring weather..the flowers..the 'kampungness' of Kyushu and the meet up with my friend Megumi and her family..=)

The moment i came back from Japan..stress is attacking me again..invitations..dealing with service providers..agenda for wedding..songs..bla bla seems like i'm doing it all alone..everyone was very concern about me..i knew that..but when they ask : Is there anything i can help u?" I really don't know what they can most of the things the decision maker is me.. i cant just pass it to someone else to complete the task...i blame him n blame myself..and a few times i cried myself at home due to the stress...yes..i think this is the pre-marriage phobia..3 days before the actual day we fought on the phone badly...i cried sooo much..i was driving that time..i drove to my bro..Thanks for accompany and consult me..Also later that night..thanks for my best friend who had supper with me..felt so much better with their support..

The day before..morning..ppl came to set up the tents...(so many -_-) me fetch my sis n aunt for mani/pedi..getting ready for the big day..!

I'm sorry i have to discontinue this post which last pen-ed on oct 9.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gangnam88 Solaris

Finally got chance to pay a visit! Ordered the famous BBQ pork set and a chilli pork set..of course the BBQ pork taste better! Price is on the high side, about 30-35 per person includes drinks :)

Like the simple decor and kpop music! A chic korean restaurant!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yum 吃

Coffea coffee ss15 ,最近喜欢的咖啡店。。p.s peanut butter cake is delicious!

      Green tea coolist - not too sweet

     Cappuccino ( madonna)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seoul short..

As per title..a very short trip to Seoul..supposedly 6d cut down to 4d due to my studies.. >< Also.. The kul-icn route requires me to travel alone..sien..lucky I was upgraded to premium which compensate a little.. And special thanks to my dearest bro n sis sending me to airport!! Kamsahamida!!

To cut short..jumping to trip report as below:

Day 1
Flew midnight 140am flight reach on Sunday 8++ damn long queue at immigration..walk to rent phone counter - the furthest gate 12!! Damn!! Then ran back to 4B to take airport limousine!! Curse!!!! phew..just in time...played with my nexus contacting my b in Seoul (he flew in two days earlier than me). 45 min reaching millennium Hilton, the journey cost 15k won. He pick me up and we walk ourselves to the glad to see him!!!

After unpacking n refresh we went to lunch at namdaemun..ordered ramyeon and a pancake, both pretty good. Then we off to Gangnam to meet up with my cousin Shereen :) she ask us to join her for her toastmaster meeting which I was totally an experience meeting new ppl aboard, as u all know me n my b hardly social..great experience although some part was conducted in hangul..:p we join in for dinner as well.. I has seolong tang which I'm craving for after watching some dramas..but it wasn't the taste I'd expected :( He add neungmyeong which is his worst meal in Korea.. Lol..I hate it too..but he wanna giv it a try..we went for 2nd round at a pub at Gangnam..after that we decided to take a leave to hongdae(hongik uni) for some late night shopping. Thx Patrick for guiding us thr! So sorry to leave him at the cafe and us sister went shopping! Get to know Josh , shereen's friend..Hongdae is quite interesting..good to shop, club and watch performance!

Day 2
Supposedly meeting my sis for breakfast but we both slept til 130pm...omo!!! It was a rainy day..rented a small umbrella from the guesthouse and off we go! Got into a underground restaurant in namdaemun for lunch.. It's more like an izakaya.. Order fish n chips and he ordered porkchop.. Both equally good!! There was a fun joke here.. We were interested to order a hot plate dish like the neighbouring table but according to ajumma's sign language min order is after communicating ..we thought we had place order for that and the western dishes..halfway down the meal we regretted ordering the hot we waited n waited. but the dish never came..phew.luckily... We were super bloated at the time..decide to pay after that..ajumma gave me free coffee from the machine..a nice meal!! cost about 6000won pp.

Next, we headed to dongdaemun for some indoor shopping..we arrive at dongdaemun station..lost our way a bit n got into Thier wholesale market... after some gps-ing , we found doota,am-pm malls.. next time if u come here remember the correct station is dongdaemun history n cultural station..! Started off in am pm..he decided to get a pair of shoe after my know his foot is in sorry my some babies clothing with a Chinese speaking ajumma..some Hp cases..some good quality. clothing.. One thing I hate about this place is the seller!! They are way too aggressive !! I was caught by an ajumma to try on her jacket then she don't let me leave and keep letting me to try on her jacket..then when I say not my style..she look at me and question me "why???" as I have kill her son!!! Omg!!! So crazy!! Avoid to try on clothes if u don't intend to buy!!! Warning!!!!

Went back to put down our shoppings n headed to myeongdong for dinner...have been craving for sangyupsal (BBQ) for so long..ordered beef n pork set yummeh as usual..!! Continue to shop in myeongdong for like crazy but not mine!!! We retired for the day after all those shoppingsssss..

Day 3
Woke up ard 8 smtg and headed to yongsan station for our day trip to nami island..too bad we miss the train at 10 because it was we took a train (the ITX changchun line) about 1hr later..had breakfast at Holly's coffee then I was reluctant to go out from the shop because it was super chilly outside!!!

As time approach we went down to the platform earlier to catch our train..surprisingly there's no one to check the tickets..even on board! The journey took about 45-1h, can't rmb well..finally we are here at Gapyeong station, we queue to purchase our return ticket then we queue again at the taxi stand to the wharf for ferry to nami island. We queue again!!! For the ferry!!! Sooooo was super nice seeing all those trees turn yellow and red...I wish to picnic there but unfortunately we have not much time there..didn't manage to ride a couple bike arghhh.....!!!! Such bad luck as the queue for ferry back to mainland was soooo long (45min-1h) we missed our train !!! But don't worry...just tell the office u missed it they will refund about 80% fare for you..not too bad huh..

We took train back to cheongyanni then connect back to myeongdong for dinner..tried the dalgalbi (stir fry chicken with chilli paste), cheap and delicious meal. Next we headed to banpo bridge light was a very long walk from the train station..we watch it from hangang park..nice to have a park like that...lightshow was nothing fancy but we enjoyed the time we rest there..

Last stop of the night..dongdaemun again!!! That's the only area which never rest !! Shopping with my unni at doota, the premium mall while josh n him hangs out in a coffee shop. We bought no clothing but some weird stuff in Olive Young eg. Tiger brand toothpaste =D

After that we walk around to look for the Korean 'supper' then we settled down at a stall nearby. We ordered some tempura, ttukboki, fish cakes , manduu and sikhye. Did not sat long as the place was too cramped. We then parted as his legs were in pain due to excessive walking.

The next morning we checked out and walked to Seoul station to do some last minute shopping at lotte mart. Impressive supermarket !! Too bad we had limited time to shop around..

And that end our Seoul short trip :(
P.S. make sure u get to airport early to queue for tax refund! Do not choose the cheque method!!

So lazy.. It took almost half a year to upload this!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

AirasiaX - Optiontown

This is the first time I'm using this optiontown upgrade service. My route was KUL-ICN. As I'm travelling alone and my back was aching like hell so I decided to give this service a try. What you need to do to make sure your chances of getting the premium seats higher. Below are my steps for your reference:

Do a fake booking on airasia , choose the premium seats, click until u reach the seat select section, check the availability, if 4 seats and above taken then chances are lower. For my case, I saw only one seat is taken, so I actually pay the upgrade one day before my flight for about RM249, ( the later u pay the more u pay). Usually the price is about RM166/way for Seoul. My flight was 2345 and I was being inform of my upgrade around 0000 or 0030? Enough time to pack :)

You will entitle :
20kg check in baggage
1 free meal ,2 bottle of water
Priority boarding vice versa(love this)
Priority baggage unloading
Privacy,long leg room
Good flatbed to sleep
Duvet n pillow provided on board

My Tips: they dont award upgrade base on first come first serve, I'm guessing the more you pay for upgrade , the higher the chances. If you're travelling in a group..chances are lower too. So enjoy your flight!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random food intake

Coffee Art @Coffee Chemistry First Subang

Hon Kee Porridge gave me a BIG BOWL of PIG INTESTINE when i order one portion..chi sin!

Went to Bangkok and this was the best coconut shake @ terminal 21 food court

I really like the CP Tomyum wonton

Suvarnahumi airport Mango Tree restaurant

川人百味(Chuan Ren Bai Wei @ Sunway Mentari..taste not bad..but very 'spicy la'!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ichigoichie 一期一会 SS15 Subang

This was a not very well known shop in subang. I guess it was open by Japanese as I can see a lot of Japanese written menu on the wall. We went for lunch on a Sunday and we were the only patron there.

Ordered two sets of tonkatsu. According to the price I think it should be the "better" part of the pig! of the tonkatsu were quite similar with the one I had in Kimukatsu Tokyo. So glad to find someone who knows how to make layers tonkatsu as per pic. price is really hefty but worth it! Tonkatsu set starts from RM35. They serve black pork as well!

Little Korea @ sunway mentari

Was craving for Korean food so we dropby a place nearby to satisfy our craves. It's quite easy to find but I suggest you to go early because I think the parking is not much there.

So hungry we ordered like mad there! Ordered two servings of BBQ pork, marinated n the original. Spicy stir fried squid cw noodle, seafood noodle soup and bunch of banchan for free of course. We find the noodles not bad and BBQ pork just usual (better than daorae). Price is reasonable , about rm100 for that Much of food..! Love the sikhye they offer at the end of meal..refreshing! So sorry we cant finish everything..definitely come back to try other dishes..;)